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Compassionate Care with Elderly Counseling in Wallingford, CT

Gerontological counseling, also known as counseling for the elderly, is an often-overlooked mental health need. From lifestyle adjustment during retirement to empty-nest syndrome, elderly counseling in Wallingford, CT, is a valuable option that can assist older individuals experiencing transitions in their lives.   

As people age, their situations can change in dramatic ways. Whether it’s the death of a friend or family member to age-related health issues, dealing with difficult circumstances can feel overwhelming. No one is immune to the emotional upheaval caused by major events, and seeking elderly assistance and counseling can aid with the adjustment. Sometimes the help is as simple as knowing someone understands and cares about how you are feeling.

Significant Life Changes

Often therapy services focus on adolescent and adult counseling. The reality of our aging population is that more and more elderly people require mental health assistance. When we get older, many of our needs change. Dealing with mobility issues, medication management, death, moving, and elderly stereotypes can take a toll on a senior citizen’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

Elderly counseling is an excellent way to address these issues and assist with the necessary adjustments to routines and lifestyle. Regardless of your age, speak to someone today if you or your loved one requires support from a professional who understands.  

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